How to speed up the Recovery of your Kidney?

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Vnex  - Mar 02 2021

How to speed up the recovery of your Kidney?

Power UP your Kidney- Yes, You CAN

Kidney Power UP 

No medicine in the world can claim to cure the chronic kidney disease (CKD) today. Only your body can conduct self-healing on your kidney. Vnex assumes that you are convinced that only your body can heal your kidney. Hence, Vnex will explain how to enhance the power of your body to speed up the self healing process of the body (without attempting to convince you that your body can self-heal).

1. Life Force or Qi 气血
The body is dependent on Qi to survive. Some call it life force and others call it body energy. Thee name ‘Qi’ has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. When our body runs out of Qi, we will die. Our body is producing Qi, expensing Qi and circulating Qi within our body to maintain the health of the body all the time. The body maintain the balance of producing, expansing and circulating Qi. When the balance is disrupted, your body will fall sick. If any one of the activities related to Qi stops, your body will die.
When the Qi is balanced, our body will be healthy and our metabolism will be in a good state. The Qi provides the energy for our body to regenerate itself and self-heal, while cleansing itself of the dead cells and waste. So, for self-healing to work, we need to understand (1) How to maximise the production Qi, (2) Minimise the wastage of Qi and (3) Powering the Qi flow.

2. Maximising the production of Qi
 Our body acquires Qi through the food we eat, the water we drink and sleep. If you deprive one person from food, one person from drinking water, one person from sleep and one from breathing, who do you think will succumb first?The answer is the one without sleep will succumb first. Try it for yourself if you do not believe this theory. Hence, sleep is the most important task you need to do if you would want to recover from any sickness.

2.1 Fresh Air
Live in clean and healthy environment. This is the hardest to comply , but the most important to do. We depend on good air to stay healthy and alive. Look for environment where there is plenty of fresh air. Avoid places in the middle of city where there is traffic congestion, and around factories where there may be pollution.
An excellent location would in the woods where there is mountain with waterfall and stream water. Such place are full of sunshine and reverb with fresh air and Qi.With abundance of fresh air, you will experience a better quality of your sleep in such environment.

2.2 Sleep
Though resting is not the source of Qi, it is the process for Qi to be recovered. It is the most important activity to do well in our life. Resting allow us to recover our strength. Sleep, a deeper form of resting, allows our body to reproduce Qi and distributes it to different parts of the body. Specifically, our body must be in deep sleep between 11 pm till 5 am, to prepare the Qi to get ready for the next day, according to the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor 黄帝内经. Our body biorhythm follows the Sun. We can only fully maximise the Qi production and distribution between 11pm till 5 am if we are already in deep sleep. If we sleep after midnight, we would not be as fresh the next morning.
It cannot be replaced by sleep during the day time. If we work the night shift and only sleep during the day over a long period of time, we would age faster, followed by developing chronic illnesses that would require medication for life. We may double our monetary rewards by working the night shift, but we would double our speed of aging too. In other words, the quality of an 8-hour sleep between 11pm -7am is superior to an 8-hour sleep between 2am - 10am, or anytime during the day.
The effect of sleeping late may not be as obvious to the young adults below 40 years old, but it will become very obvious when we grow past 50 years old.

2.3 Water
We are 70% water. We must drink good water to maximise the performance of the body in acquiring energy. Water carries energy in 2 ways, namely heat and vibration. Vnex’s definition of ‘good' water is Vnex Energised Warm Water.Our body needs warmth to stay alive. When we drink water with lower temperature than our body at 36.9 celcius, our body needs to spend some energy to warm up the cool water to our normal body temperature. On the other hand, when we drink water warmer than our body temperature, the excess warmth can be assimilated as energy to be stored for use later.The fluids in our body need to flow smoothly to maintain a balance, for example blood. When blood is energised to higher vibrational energy, it becomes more active and it circulates better within the body. At such, it delivers nutrients and removes waste from the body more efficiently.Water will acquire higher vibrational energy after being energised with Vnex Water Energiser. When Vnex energised water is consumed, the vibrational energy is transferred to the fluids within the body, resulting in more active circulation of fluids in the body.
Note : Vnex energised water is not alkaline water or filtered water.

2.4 Exposure to Sun
Without the Sun, the world will end promptly. All living things depend on the sun for survival. The Earth depend on the energy from the sun to power the life on Earth.A daily 30 minutes exposure to Sun will provide you with Qi that will strengthen your health, plus the natural Vitamin D.

2.5 Ginger Water
Fresh ginger water is a great source of Qi when boiled with Vnex energised water.

2.6 Food
Nutrition from food is a huge topic. We will cover this topic in a separate blog in future.

3. Minimising the wastage of Qi

While we try to maximise the production of Qi, we must also minimise the wastage of Qi. By practicing a few good habits as below, we can minimise the wastage of Qi, so more Qi can be preserved to speed up the process of for self-healing. Qi is generally dispense as heat energy from the body to keep it warm for optimal function of the body. So the key to minimising wastage of Qi is to keep the body warm. Below are few pointers to preserve Qi.

3.1 Stay Warm
When the temperature drops, we must wear enough clothes until we feel warm. If we are feeling cold, our body is losing unnecessary energy to warm up the body. However, when we are feeling warmth, we know that we are well-insulted from the cold environment and energy is not wasted to keep us warm.

3.2 Do not sleep in Air-conditioned Room
When the weather is hot, try not to sleep in an air-conditioned room. In a hot tropical country like Singapore, where air-conditioner is very affordable, a great percentage of the population sleep in an air-conditioned room. If are are sleeping in an 22 celcius air-conditioned room, you lose a lot of energy when you do not wear enough. Sleep in pyjamas. Make sure your body is covered by wearing long sleeves and long pants. This is to prevent severe loss of energy, in case you don’t have a duvet to cover yourself or the duvet is pushed off in the middle of the night.

3.3 Cover up your feet with Socks
An important acupuncture point at the sole 涌泉 is where energy exchange occurs. Please wear socks if you walk barefoot at home, and when you go to bed. By covering it up with socks, it help to conserve Qi when it comes in contact with cold surface or environment in the early morning.

3.4 Avoid swimming in cold water
Swimming is a good exercise for the body. However, avoid dipping in cold water over extended period of time. Your body will dispense a lot of energy just to keep the body warm.

3.5 Do not drink cold water
It is generally not healthy to drink cold drink, particularly icy cold drinks. And it is very wasteful of Qi, as the body has to neutralise the cold drink to body temperature.

3.6 Stay Calm
An active wondering mind consume a lot of Qi. Learn to meditate to calm down you rmind. We will cover this topic in a separate blog in near future.

4. Powering the Qi flow

The Qi will only flow when the network of Qi super highway is clear and unblocked. These superhighways are the tendons, the muscles, the blood vessels and the acupuncture points.

4.1 Stretching Exercise
BaDuanJing 八段锦 is an excellent exercise to do stretching and easy to learn for people of all age. This exercise will stretch all the critical tendons and muscles of your body if done properly. Link to BaDuanJing in English

4.2 Walking
Walking is the best exercise, if you cannot do any other exercise. Start with minimum 40 minutes walk (about 5000 steps) and slowly increasing to 1 hour 20 minutes (about 10,000 steps). Start walking 3 times a week, and gradually increase the frequency to daily.Please cover up your body when you sweat after you exercise and stay away from wind.

4.3 Foot Steam Bath with Vnex Energised Water
All stage 5 chronic kidney disease (Stage 5 CKD) customers do not sweat and experience fluid retention on the feet, causing the feet to be swollen due to blockage. At such, Stage 5 CKD customers have to limit their water in take to less than 1 litre.
A healthy person has to drink about 1.7 litre of water so that the body can effectively hydrate and cleanse itself. If a person can only drink less than 1 litre of water, the body can barely hydrate and cleanse. As such, self-healing is highly unlikely.
With foot steam bath, moisture would be extracted from the feet, reducing the swelling on the foot, and stimulating the body to sweat. All customers will experience weight loss due to moisture extraction. Many customers will be able to put on their walking shoes and start exercising again.
With the sweat and moist extracted out of the body, the customer can start to consume more water gradually.With the increase in water intake, the body can start to self-heal more effectively.
Vnex Customer Experience Center offers Foot Steam Bath with Vnex Energised Water for SGD 30 per session. Each session takes 40 minutes. A minimum of 3 session on 3 consecutive day is require to see an improvement.

4.4 Energising the kidney with Vnex Belt
Kidneys remove waste and extra fluid from your body. Your kidneys also remove acids that are produced by the cells of your body and maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals—such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium—in your blood.
When kidneys start to perform the above functions less effectively, it starts to fail. One of the key reasons it perform less effectively is due to blockage of the kidney and its supporting systems. When there is blockage, waste is not removed completely. Some are stuck within the system. Over an extended period of time, when more waste and extra fluid accumulates and increase the blockages, the performance of your kidneys will worsen, until it breakdowns.
With Vnex Belt, the kidneys are energised directly, stimulating the fluid flow within the kidney and the supporting systems around the kidneys. The stimulation facilitates the kidneys to flush out the waste and extra fluids more effectively. Over time, the when more waste and extra fluids are flushed out, the kidneys would be able to perform its function more effectively. However, the Vnex Belt do not reconstruct the kidneys. The recovery of the kidneys are dependent on the customer’s Qi for self healing.

So, to speed up the healing of a CKD customer, they must change their lifestyle to
1) Maximise the production of Qi
2) Minimise the wastage of Qi and
3) Powering the flow of Qi Vnex Water
 and Vnex belt can help to maximise the production of Qi and powering the flow the Qi.

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