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The all rounded salad everyone can eat every meal

Paplebage 三宝菜

Paplebage reminds me of PIKOTARO - PPAP Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.

Paplebage is Green Papaya - Apple - Cabbage.

Ingredient of Paplebage
(1) Raw green papaya - Pick the most raw papaya you can buy in the market. This is the same raw papaya used in Thai's raw papaya salad
(2) Apple - It does not matter if it is green or red apple. I like it red, as it adds colour to the salad. 
(3) Cabbage -Any white cabbage will do.

Fig 2 Paplebage Ingredient

Fig 2 Sliced papaya

Fig 3 Sliced red apple

Fig 4 Sliced white cabbage

Preparation of Paplebage

Wash the cabbage with rice vinegar.
Peel the Green Papaya and cut into slices
Do not peel the apple. Just cut the apple into slices
Cut the white cabbage into slices
Rinse the white cabbage an cut into slices
Mixed all in a container
You notice that the apple to not turn yellow

Bigger sliced paplebage will make it more chewy (fig 5).Some would like it crunchy with slimmer sliced paplebage ( fig 6)

Fig 5 Chewy paplebage

Paplebage contains all the nutrients you need daily.
Paplebage is safe for everyone to eat everyday.
People with chronic kidney disease should try it.
You may eat paplebage as a starter before meals.
You may eat paplebage as the main course.
Try eating paplebage everyday and see the miracle happen.
If you are overweight, you may lose weight.
If you have digestion problem, you digestion may improve.
If you are feeling weak, you may feel stronger.
See your general health improve with paplebage.

Fig 6  Crunchy paplebage

Paplebage is introduced by Dr Lily Lai . Since 2000, Dr Lily has been focusing on research of the benefits of nutrient, herbs and essential oil on the human body.

In this Video, she explained the preparation and benefits of paplebage. She recommend that paplebage is excellent to strenthen the health to stay ahead of Covid 19. We apoligize that the video is in Cantonese only.

Our Kidney Power UP participants has benefited from paplebage. Try it and share your experiences with us

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