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When is Sex detrimental to your health?

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年国二十    不宜连连
年过三十    不宜天天
年过四十    要向数钱
(古代数钱以五位基数,指五天一次 )
年过五十    进山拜庙
(拜庙为初一,十五,指以月两次 )
年过六十    要像过年
(指一年一次 )

In your 20s, do not do it continuously.
In your 30s, do not do it daily.
In your 40s, do it only after every 5 days.

      Literal translation: do it like you are counting the coins. In the old days, the Chinese would use 5 as the base.
In your 50s, do it biweekly.
     Literal translation: do it like you would visit the temples. The traditional Chinese would visit the temple every 1st and 15th of every lunar month.
In your 60s, do it once a year.
     Literal translation: Do it like you are celebrating the new year 。

The above is traditional Chinese guidance about the frequency of sex recommended for a man of different ages

If you are having more sex than the recommendation above, you may suffer set back in your health.

Why too much sex is not good for your health?

Sex is essential in marriage life. However, excessive sex is detrimental to the man particularly. Man feels very relaxed after orgasm as a huge amount of internal energy is dispensed. Each of us has limited internal energy at a given time. If we have excessive sex, we may deplete the energy faster than we could recover it.

If we could not recover our energy level over an extended period of time, our energy level would drop. When our energy level drops below the minimum level required to maintain our day-to-day living, no energy would be made available for self-healing. Thus, the body cannot recover from any sickness.

It is well known that many Chinese emperors died young due to indulgence in sex.

Do not have sex when you are
1. Feeling weak and tired.
2. Emotionally hyped up.
3. Drunk.
4. Sick.

When you are sick, you need all the energy that you have to recover.

Strictly, if you have a chronic kidney disease condition, your body is weak and your energy level is low. You will need to conserve all the energy that you may have and channel it to heal your kidney. Having sex will simply waste your energy on a short-term emotional relief while depriving your body of the energy required to heal your kidney.

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