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Myopia, also known as short sightedness, occurs when the eyeball becomes elongated, causing light rays to bend (refract) inaccurately. Light rays that should be focused on nerve tissues at the back of the eye (retina) are instead focused in front of the retina.

Currently, there is no medical procedure available to correct one’s myopia by altering the shape of one’s eyeball. However, one may consider laser eye surgery (LASIK) to alter the shape of the cornea. Alternatively, most people rely on spectacles and contact lenses to correct their myopia. 

Vnex has discovered a new method using Ultra Low Frequency Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) to improve the vision of children who have myopia.
Studies by NASA have confirmed that PEMF therapy can indeed alleviate problems such as fatigue, insomnia, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, flu-like symptoms and poor blood circulation. 

Vnex Eye 3.0 uses PEMF technology to
     a. Improve circulation in eyes
     b. Improve the flow of nutrients
     c. Enhance removal of wastes  
     d. Reduce oxidative stress
     e. Restore natural pressure of the eyes
     f. Relaxe the eyes

With PEMF, we can improve the vision of people with diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Our studies have also shown that Vnex Eye 3.0 can help to improve the eyesight of young children who have just developed myopia. Thus, this trial aims to help us better understand the extent of the benefits on the children. 

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Can myopia be reversed?
Conventional belief is that it cannot be reversed. However, we have observed that some of the children on trial did improve their eyesight.

How long does it take to see results?
We believe it will take on average one month to see the result.

What is the main function of Vnex Eye 3.0 ?
Vnex Eye 3.0 improves blood circulation in the eyeballs and nutrients delivery into the eyes. The improved circulation enhances waste removal from the eyes and reduces oxidative stress. As a result, it relaxes the eyes and boosts the self-healing of eyes.

What are the other benefits of Vnex Eye 3.0 ?
Vnex Eye 3.0 has be shown to improve the eyes of the adult with cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and floaters.

Can Vnex Eye 3.0 be shared among the family members ?
Yes. We encourage the whole family to share and use it.

Are there any side effects using Vnex Eye 3.0?

There is no known side effect associated with the usage of Vnex Eye 3.0


近视,发生在眼轴变长时,导致光线在眼球内部无法正确地折射,本应聚焦在眼睛后部视网膜上的光线反而聚焦在视网膜前。而造成了糢糊的影像。目前,尚没有通过改变眼轴形状来矫正近视的医疗方法。然而,人们可能会考虑通过激光眼科手术 (LASIK) 来改变视角膜的形状。或者,大多数人依靠眼镜和隐形眼镜来矫正近视。

Vnex 开发了一种使用超低频脉冲电磁技术 (PEMF) 的新疗法,来改善近视儿童的视力。


Vnex Eye 3.0 采用 PEMF 脉冲电磁疗法,致力于:

借助于脉冲电磁疗法​​,我们可改善糖尿病视网膜病变、青光眼及白内障患者的视力水平。我们的研究还表明,Vnex Eye 3.0 亦可帮助患有近视的儿童改善视力。因此,本次活动旨在帮助我们更好地了解该技术对儿童近视改善的程度。

传统的看法是近视眼无法逆转。然而,我们观察到一些试用过Vnex Eye 的儿童。他们的视力确实有所改善。


Vnex Eye 3.0 的主要功能是什么?
Vnex Eye 3.0 改善眼球的血液循环和营养物质的输送,提升清除眼中废物的功能,并减少氧化应激。因而放松眼球和促进眼睛的自我修复。

Vnex Eye 3.0 的其他好处是什么?
Vnex Eye 3.0 已被证明可以改善患有白内障、青光眼、糖尿病视网膜病变和飞蚊症的成年人的视力。

Vnex Eye 3.0 可以和家人共享吗?

Vnex Eye 3.0 有没有什么副作用?
到目前为止,我们没有察觉到使用 Vnex Eye 3.0 后会产生任何副作用


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