Reducing the Risk of Myopia and Astigmatism in Your Children

In Singapore, many children develop myopia or astigmatism around seven to nine years old, which then rapidly worsens during their formative years. Many have a misconception that myopia or astigmatism can be negated with aids such as spectacles, contact lenses as well as Lasik surgery. However, such forms of assistance do not prevent structural damage from occurring in the eye. Myopia may also lead to more complicated eye conditions like early cataracts and retinal detachment.

Unfortunately, no cure for myopia or astigmatism has been invented as of today. However, whether it worsens or improves depends on the actions you take for your child. Once myopia has been identified in your child, you need to take early action to prevent it from deteriorating.

What parents can do for their children: 

(1) Encourage their children to practice healthy eye habits such as eating well, taking appropriate breaks when studying to allow the eye to rest.

(2) Bring their children outdoors to play

In conjunction with such activities, parents can also use our Vnex Eye Energiser to enhance the rejuvenating effects for their children.

Vnex Eye Energizer uses Patented Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) wave technology to increase blood circulation and vasodilation in the eyes. During the therapy,  blood microcirculation in the fundus improved. Thus, promoting better nutrient supply, while inhibiting lipid peroxide reaction in the lens dilate peripheral blood vessels, promoting self-healing and recovery of diseased eye tissues.

Vnex Eye Energiser is non-invasive, and has been proven to be successful in preventing the progression of myopia and even improving it. Below is a testimonial from one of our 8 year old satisfied clients.

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