Kidney Power UP Success Stories

      To Vnex, the kidney healing is a natural self-healing process.
      We hope these success stories will encourage you to take part in Kidney Power UP Program.
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Kidney Power UP program started in Early Feb 2021.  Kidney Power Up Program helps people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in any stage to improve their kidney functions naturally, by lowering creatinine and increasing GFR. It is a natural kidney remedy that heals the kidney without medicine and is supplementary to standard treatment. 

Below is a list of customers that kidney have improved, such that doctor would not recommend dialysis immediately.

In general, when the kidney's GFR is below 15,  at stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD), the doctor will prepare you for dialysis. When the your GFR  recovered above 15 to stage 4 CKD, the doctors will comment that you are so lucky that they will put you under observation and has no immediate need to start dialysis.

Kidney Power UP Participant not on Dialysis

Candidate AgeSexLowest GFRCreatinineBlood Test DateLatest UpdateLatest CreatinineLatest GFRNotes
* Brother Soo51M8492 umol/L 
1.04 mg/dL 
20 Feb 2120 Aug 2172 umol/L
0.82 mg/dL
 102He climbs Bukit Timah hill regularly now
* Mr Ang74M11423 umol/L   
4.78 mg/dL
05 Jun 2109 Sep 21313 umol/L
3.54 mg/dL
17Received his transplanted kidneys 30 years ago. He is happy that he does not need dialysis now. He recovered from Stage 5 to Stage 4 CKD
Mdm Ng K C72F14275 umol/L
3.11 mg/dL
26 Jun 2112 Sep 21 
250 umol/L
2.82 mg/dL
16The doctor commented that she was lucky and there is no immediate need to prepare for dialysis. He recover from Stage 5 to Stage 4 CKD
Ms Tani43F13348 umol/L
3.93 mg/dL
27 May 2125 Jun 21
284 umol/L
3.21 mg/dL
17She is young, alive and kicking now. She recovered from Stage 5 to Stage 4 CKD
Ms Chu G E61F5596 umol/L 1.08 mg/dL15 May 2126 Aug 21
93 umol/L
1.05 mg/dL
58She looks forward to the days to recover from stage 3 to stage 2 when her GFR increase above 60
*Mr Chong66M24233 umol/L 2.64 mg/dL28 Apr 2125 Oct 21229 umol/L 2.59 mg/dL25When he joined Kidney Power Up, his GFR was 26. His GFR dropped to 24. He persist as he felt the energy improvement in general. He finally realise his GFR improvement after 6 months
*Mr Wong63M37164 umol/L 1.85 mg/dL22 Aug 2112 Nov 21140 umol/L 1.58 mg/dL44In less than 3 months, his GFR is up at 44 ml/min/1.73sqm from 37, just shy of 1 point to stage 3A. He is keeping up with his new lifestyle in the hope that his GFR would eventually go above 90.
Mr Masago59M88 Feb 228 Mar 2211
Mr W Teo46M1711 Jul 2110 Mar 2219
*Mr Kok40M41164 umol/L24 Jan 2211 Mar 22136 umol/L58Today, jogging 4 km is his regular exercise, stretching to 7 km occasionally. His Kidneys' GFR has increased from 41 to 58 in 3 months. 

Kidney Power UP Participant  on Dialysis

Candidate ProfileStatus
* Ms KohFemale
GFR :2
On Dialysis for 3 years   
She is on dialysis for 3 years now. She stopped urinating 6 months after starting dialysis. After joining the program for 3 months, she started urinating again. This is a sign of recovery of residual kidney function
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Kidney Power UP Testimonials

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