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Brother Soo's GFR improved from 82 to 102

Kidney Power UP Program Registration

Name : Brother Soo
Age : 51.  Sex : M

Kidney Power Up Objective : To regain normal kidney health with GFR > 90

In February 2021, Brother Soo was feeling breathless while climbing stairs. When he visited the local clinic, the doctor diagnosed him with high blood pressure with a 140/100 reading. Subsequently, Brother Soo also did a blood test as advised by the doctor.  The report from his blood test showed that his creatinine level was 1.04 mg/dL (eGFR of 84) and his cholesterol was high (see table 3 below).The doctor prescribed him with medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. He also advised Brother Soo that after starting such medication, he will need to take the medication for life. However, Brother. Soo rejected the idea of medication for life. Brother Soo believes that if the medication is to be taken for life, the medication only suppresses the symptoms without fixing the root cause of the problem.

Table 1  Average GFR for given Age

Table 1 from shows the average GFR for everyone with respect to age.

The doctor advised Brother Soo that his kidney was fine as long as eGFR is maintained above 60. However,  with a eGFR of 84, Brother Soo realised that the age of his kidney was 70+ (see table 1), which was 20 years older than his actual age.

He was concerned that his kidney was aging faster than his body. He was also worried that if his GFR deteriorated at a pace faster than his body, there was a possibility of having to undergo dialysis. Brother Soo wanted to ‘power up’ his kidney to a GFR higher than 90.Table 2 from shows the stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) stages with respect to GFR.

Table 2 GFR vs CKD stages

Brother. Soo was introduced to Vnex Water Energizer and Vnex Belt. He started to drink 2 litres of Vnex Energized water and use the Vnex Belt up to 6 hours daily. He changed his daily routine to incorporate the following:

1) Sleep by 11pm daily, not in an aircon room, wearing long pants and socks to warm the feet.
2) Walk average 10,000 steps daily
3) Cut down on seafood and meat and eat as close to a vegetarian as much as possible, with plenty of fruits, nuts and vegetable
4) Be aware and manage his mental emotions

After 6 months, the following has improved for Brother Soo:
1) The GFR of his kidneys have decreased from 84 (stage 2 or 70+ years old) to 102.4 ( Stage 1 or 30+ yrs old), which means his kidneys are almost back to perfect health
2) Triglycerides decreased from 209 mg/dL to 159 mg/dl, where  <150 is optimal
3) LDL Cholesterol decreased from 166.75 mg/dL to 150 mg/dL, where <100 is optimal
4) Average blood pressure has lowered from 140/100 to 130/90His blood test report on 20 Feb 2021 (table 3) and 31 Aug 2021 is attached for your reference.Now, Brother Soo is working on to lower his cholesterol and high blood pressure. Wish him all best!

Table 3

Table 3.1

Table 4

Table 4.1

Table 3 shows his blood test resport date 20 Feb 2021, with Creatinine 1.04 mg/dL ( 92 umol/L) or GFR 82.7.
Table 4 shows his blood test resport date 31 Aug 2021, with Creatinine 0.82 mg/dL ( 72 umol/L) or GFR 102.4
Table 3.1 and Table 4.1 is the respective GFR for generated with an online GFR Calculator, as the Second blood test report do not have a GFR stated, we use the online tool to calculate the GFR to provide a fair comparison.

Kidney Power UP Registration 
20 Feb 20211.04 mg/dL or 92 umol/L84Introduced to Vnex Power UP program. Blood pressure 140/100
Sleep by 11pm, walk 10,000 steps and watch his diet daily
Drink up to 2 litre of Vnex Energised water and wear Vnex Belt up to 6 hours daily
31 Aug 20210.82 mg/dL or 72 umol/L102Waking up fresh and feeling energised every day. Blood pressure 130/90.  Cholesterol improved

Kidney Power Up Program helps people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in any stage to improve their kidney functions naturally, by lowering creatinine and increasing GFR. It is a natural kidney remedy that heals the kidney without medicine and is supplementary to standard treatment. 

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