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Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 Recovery
What are your chances ?

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If you are the following category of people, you have no chance of recovery.

1. Believe that by purely depending on medicine, you could recover.

2. Believe that Chronic Kidney Disease cannot be reversed.

3. Believe that Dialysis is the only answer to Chronic Kidney Disease

If you are the following category of people, you have a fair chance of recovery.

1. Strongly believe that Chronic Kidney Disease can be reversed

2. Willing to transform your lifestyle to the normal healthy lifestyle

3. Take responsibility to your medication requirement and reduce them to the minimal.

      At stage 5 of chronic kidney disease, the patient's kidney GFR is less than 15, creatinine level more that 380 µmol/L or 4.4 mg/dL. At this stage, the doctor will start to prepare their patient mentally to get ready for dialysis. This is their standard operating procedure. They hardly believe that your kidney would ever recover.
      There is no western medicine to heal the kidney(advise me if you find one). The doctor took over the job of the kidney to clean up the waste in the body through dialysis. The doctor simply assumed that the patient's kidney would fail soon and nothing could be done about it. That is why a the kidney function of a patient on dialysis would never improve, as the doctor's focus was to take over the job of kidney, not healing it.
     With dialysis, the patient stay alive, but the quality of their life suffered. The patient would be dependent on dialysis for the rest of their life. 

Table 1 from shows the kidney's GFR relative to chronic kidney disease stages

Table 1 GFR vs CKD stages

With kidney GFR down to 15, the doctor would be monitoring the patient closely. Most of their patient would likely need to start dialysis within 3 months. So, what are your chances if you would be in this situation? 

At this stage, you have about 3 months to reverse the situation. The following are our assessment on your chances of recovery, based on our experience of our customers

1) Take a break, 3 months is good, while 6 months is excellent  
          Your kidney did not breakdown yesterday. It has been deteriorating over a long period of time due to poor choice of lifestyle. If you would take a break away from your current lifestyle and focus on your recovery, your chances of kidney improvement increase significantly. 3 months of break against lifelong dialysis is a good bet.

2) Start to sleep by 10:30 pm daily
          Some could not afford to take a break due to family or financial commitment. For these people, they must plan their schedule such that they could go to bed by 10:30 pm daily. Your body need this sleep to produce energy to heal the kidney naturally. If they do not start to try to sleep by 11 pm, they are almost assured of going to dialysis soon.

3) Follow strict renal diet daily
          At stage CKD stage 5, you must consult your renal dietitian on what what your could eat. Strictly no seafood, except fish with scale. Cut down on meat. Your creatinine level will shoot up if you do not control your diet. Our favourite is Paplebage salad.
Do not make the mistake of having a rich seafood meal before going to the blood test next day.

4) Start to exercise daily
          Start to walk at least 5000 steps and gradually increasing to 10,000 steps daily. Exercise will improve the blood flow, thus improving the waste removal from the body and nutrients delivery within the body. Through exercise, you would sweat and start to detox from your pores leaving less work load to your kidney. If you find that you are not sweating well during exercise ( most people with CKD stage 5 do not realise they hardly sweat as their pores were blocked), come to our shop for foot Steam bath with Vnex Energized Water to unblock the pores.

5) Practise meditation daily
          By meditation, we mean relax your mind and body. Our body will function better and recover better if we learn to relax our muscles, and be aware of our emotions. We would share some meditation techniques in our future blog
          To enhance your mediation, use Vnex Eye while meditating. It will enhance your relaxation, particularly the eyes and the muscles in the head.

6) Drink as much water as your condition allowed daily
          Many CKD customers have water retention problem, such that they have to be careful with the amount of water they drink. After a few sessions of Steam bath with Vnex Energized Water, our customer would find that they sweat better, and they sweat more profusely when they exercise. When they sweat more, they would be able to drink more water. A normal person requires about 2 litre of water a day to refresh their body. If the CKD customer could only drink less than 1 litre per day, their chances of recovery is low.
          When their drinking water is energised with Vnex Water Energizer, their acquire additional energies for their body self-healing in general.

Fig 2 Glomerulus within Nephon in Kidney
Image curtesy of National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health.

   7) Clear the blockage in Kidney daily so it can filter waster better
          Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is the best overall index of kidney function. It measure the filtration rate of glomerulus capsule within the nephron in the kidney. In other world, when the kidney could not filter properly, it mainly due to the blockage of the glomerulus capsule.
         With Vnex Belt Energizer application, ultra low frequency wave at a specific frequency is injected to the kidney. Through extended application of the vibration of the wave, the blockage in the glomerulus capsule could be dislodged gradually.

         When the blockage in the glomerulus capsule start to clear, the kidney would filter better, lowering the creatinine level in the blood, and increasing the GFR of the kidney.
         The immediate target for stage 5 CKD customers is to improve their kidney GFR more than 15, and improving creatinine to less than 380 µmol/L or 4.4 mg/dL. Once the customer achieve the uptrend of GFR, they should target higher GFR above 20. 

         With this simple reversal, the immediate need for dialysis is postponed.

If you do all the above well, the chances the kidney function improving is high! 5 out of 10 candidates in Kidney Power UP season 1 increased their GFR, that is 50% success rate!! Join Kidney Power UP program today.
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