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Mr Chong's Kidney GFR is UP after 6 months 

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Mr Chong, aged 66, is a successful property agent who worked very hard. However, his health was taking a toll on him as his kidney function started to deteriorate. He became acutely aware of the situation after his blood test on July 15, 2020. His chronic kidney disease was in the late stage 3 of chronic kidney disease with a GFR of 31. His kidney functions entered stage 4 on Feb 4, 2021 with GFR of 28. His GFR continued to drop to 27 on May 6, 2021. During this time, his sleep was interrupted 9 times on average during the night, with the urge to urinate. To understand GFR, click here

Blood Test  July 15, 2020

Blood Test  Feb 4, 2021

Blood Test  May 6, 2021

      He started his Kidney Power Program on 28 April 2021. He started to exercise on a daily basis, walking 5000 steps in 40 minutes. He realised that he hardly sweat. He was not sweating even after the fast-paced 5000 steps quick walk.

      He began to have the foot steam bath therapy with Vnex energized water. In the first session of the foot steam bath, he experienced itchiness all over his shin and calf, and started to sweat a little. After a few more sessions, the itchiness travelled up to his thigh, and he was sweating more. Eventually, after 2 weeks, all the itchiness subsided, and his t-shirt was drenched after the foot steam bath.

      He began to experience sweating after his exercise faster. Initially, he hardly sweat after walking 5000 steps. After 2 weeks of the foot steam bath, the started to sweat after 2000 steps. And his face started to glow and he was feeling better already.

     However, his GFR continued to drop to 27 on July 6, 2021.

Blood Test  Jul 27, 2021


     With the confidence that he was feeling better with more energy, Mr. Choong persist with his daily exercise, increasing 5000 steps walk to 7000 steps. He started to sweat more readily and more profusely.

      He started to refrain from Seafood entirely, cut down on meat significantly, and tried to prepare his food more frequently. He ate paplebage as a side meal almost daily.

     He also slept better with lesser interruption, with 6 interruption on average.

    As he was feeling better, his kidney's GFR did not show any sign of reversal and continued to drop to 24 on Sep 9, 2021

GFR Lower at 24 on  Sep  9, 2021

      On Oct 25, 2021, Mr. Chong experienced a technical reversal of his kidney GFR from 24 to 25.

      During the program, Mr. Chong use Vnex Water Energizer to energize all his drinking water. He also uses Vnex Belt Energizer to energize his kidney daily.
      With the confidence of the newfound energy within his body, he is confident that if he kept up with the regime of the Kidney Power Up program, his kidney's GFR would continue to improve and his creatinine would continue to drop.
      Mr. Chong, We hope that you would be able to sleep soundly soon. Keep powering up your kidney!

  GFR improved to 25 on  Oct 25, 2021

GFR improved to 27 on 5/5/2022

After a year , the Kidney power Up program finally achieve a significant breakthrough for Mr Chong.

His GFR has gone to a bottom of 24, and improved to 27, better than 26 when he initially joined.

His GFR has been increasing gradually. and we hope  he will recover from Stage 4 to stage 3 soon. 

GFR improved to 27 on May 5, 2022

Kidney Power Up Program helps people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in any stage to improve their kidney functions naturally, by lowering creatinine and increasing GFR. It is a natural kidney remedy that heals the kidney without medicine and is supplementary to standard treatment. 

5 out of 10 candidates in Kidney Power UP program  increased their GFR and, that is 50% success rate!!
Join Kidney Power UP program to improve your kidney function naturally.
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Kidney Power UP Registration 

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